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Our Nouvatan has been created to produce the best Sunless Tanning solution available.

It’s made with 100% natural, active organic ingredients, with no parabens, alcohol or oils, leaving you with a perfect natural looking Sunless Tan.
Application Time : 20 Minutes (including drying time)

For best Tan results:
Pre Tan:
Arrive showered. Please have your mani & pedi before your tan!
No deodorant, no perfume, no make up, no body lotion. These act as a barrier which prevents the skin from tanning.
Post Tan.
Bring loose fitting clothes to leave the treatment.
Do not come into contact with water for 9 hours. No stacking the dish washer, no bathing the children, no washing the dog. No gym.
After 9 hours then you can shower.

We suggest spray tanning in the evening...

 Organic Spray Tan

Spray Tans for the boys                                             £39

Spray Tans for the girls                                              £34

Brazilian / Hollywood Hot Wax & Spray Tan              £59