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Ladies Waxing

What brand of wax do we use?



Salon Systems

The most important part of a waxing treatment is your skin.
We use Hot wax for the intimate areas and cream warm wax (which is a cross between strip & hot) to clean up the sides. (depending on our clients skin).
Here is our treatment process:
Wipe the treatment area with Pre Wax Sanitizing Lotion which neutralizes bacteria & absorbs body oils from the skin prior to waxing.
The we pre powdered the area to absorb moisture from the hair allowing the wax to grip.
We then apply pre wax skin protection oil to the area, which in short stops the wax from sticking to the skin.
We then begin the waxing part.
We complete the treatment by removing any access powder & oil with a baby wipe then apply a soothing lotion.
Our therapists wear gloves.

Brazilian Hot Wax                              £38

Hollywood Hot Wax                           £38

G String                                             £24

Bikini Line                                          £19

Full Leg                                             £33

Lower Half Leg                                  £24

Upper Half Leg                                  £28 

Under Arm                                         £7

Full Arm                                            £29

1/2 Arm                                             £19

Upper Lip                                          £6

Chin                                                  £6  Neck                                                  £6

Cheek                                                £9

Brow tidy                                            £9

Brow Shape                                       £15

Full Arm                                             £30 

Half Arm                                            £19

Full Back                                           £30

Half Back                                          £15

Full Stomach                                    £20

Half Stomach                                    £12